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How did I become a Spiritual Teacher?


Having studied different spiritual practices like Kabbalah, Buddhism, Meditation, Yoga, yet feeling like something was missing, I was finally able to find something that drastically transformed my life: Kundalini Yoga along with Humanology ( the science of understanding Human Nature). Only after a couple of months into practicing Kundalini Yoga I was able to heal myself in so many different levels: my inner child, my fears and insecurities, my emotional blocks, suppressed pain and limiting beliefs.


Kundalini Yoga had such a profound impact on me that I wanted everyone to know about it's magic. To my surprise, when I started to talk about it, people either never heard of Kundalini or they had totally different idea about it.


That's when I knew there was no other option but to become a Kundalini yoga teacher so I can really help others.

I discovered Julia from a friend about a year ago and immediately became a fan. I enjoy learning and growing from all her powerful youtube videos. I’m grateful for completing her “Awakening the power of you” course recently as it altered my life in such a positive way. Through her practices and techniques I have raised my awareness, healed myself, and shed a few limiting beliefs.

Julia is so good at sharing powerful stories that we all can relate to and learn from. Now that I completed the course I see clearly the path perfect for me and have been making courageous moves each day that feels so good.


I’m lucky to have her as one of my favorite teachers.

Brian Bernie,  Positive Living Advisor/ Coach , Los Angeles

I took a 9 months teacher's training  with one of the Best Spiritual Masters, Guru Singh, and other great teachers at the home of Kundalini Yoga, "Yoga West".


During my private session with Guru Singh I was told about my amazing gift of prophesy and ability to heal others. I was also told that I will be guiding and helping others all over the world.


I couldn't be happier knowing that this is the life I will be living: happy, fulfilled and blessed. 


Today I am not only a Kundalini yoga teacher, I am a Spiritual Teacher armed with the tools from Tony Robbins's life coaching program. I am able to use Reiki healing techniques and have the ability to access Akashic Records.

Thank you so much Julia for your amazing course!

I have to say I am following you for a long time already. Actually about a year ago I found your YouTube channel. I never did any spiritual practices before but it was interesting for me to listen to you.  And I have to say I think you were probably one the first people that opened this world for me because after your suggestions I started doing some practice and when you offered your online course I knew I had to take it.


I was really excited to start and to be honest I didn’t expect it to be so challenging. I honestly thought that I kind of know what is going to be like but the thing is I didn’t know how deep is going to go and that it’s going to touch me so much and that I’m going to react like this. 


I have to say also that it was the right time for me, because I knew a lot, I practiced a lot before, I knew how to make myself happy but I didn’t know how to maintain it and I was lost basically I didn’t really know what I want in life.


So the first week was nice and exciting but after that it was really hard, emotionally, psychologically and even physically. When I started crying during the first meditation for healing wounds I was so shocked. I didn’t even except that. I had to change my schedule a little because I couldn’t go in the same speed, I had to take my time and I’m glad I did. 

I looked straight into my soul, my fears, doubts, insecurities, my old wounds that I thought I healed but I just forgot about them and didn’t understand how they were affecting my life. It was really not easy, but with your help, motivation and support I was able to go through that process.


Who I am now is a very different person after all the process. 

I am more clear, connected to myself, I trust, l remember how is it to love myself, my family and friends, I started helping people around me and I feel so good about it, I am not scared anymore, i feel free and ready for my dream life, I have less limitations in my head, I stared to feel my body better, what it needs, I stared to see my future more clear and in general I’m just more active, positive and happier. I am no longer hiding in my fears and insecurities, trying to pretend that I’m fine, I’m actually honest with myself and people around me about how I feel and what’s going on. I’m not afraid to say that I’m sad or lost, because I know that is all fine and it’s a part of the process, I trust more now, I believe in God truly now and in Higher Consciousness.


I know how essential and important the daily practice is and I will keep it in my daily routine for sure. 

I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to work with you and go through this transformation with you. It honestly changed my life, but because everything around me changed but because I changed, my state changed, I am a different person now... and it’s just amazing!!!


I’m so happy my soul brought me to meet you and you helped me to go through this process. I know for sure It was meant to be! 


I am looking forward for my new future with love, light and gratefulness in my heart! 


I would definitely recommend this course for people who wants to find out why they are really here and if they are ready for their dream life, if they are ready to face their fears, insecurities and old traumas and finally get rid of them! 


I have to say that it’s not going to be easy and quick fix, but it’s definitely worth it!!!

You are just amazing and inspiring! And I know why you came here, I can feel it! So much love and wisdom! 

I love you Julia and I am deeply grateful for experiencing your loving presence in my life. I support and honor your path!”

Anastasia Fedoruk, NYC. Professional Ballet Dancer

What can you expect by choosing to work with me as your Spiritual Teacher?

Just by being in my presence your vibrations will rise automatically. By looking at you I will intuitively know what needs to be healed and what needs to be done in order for you to become whole and complete once again. 

I will wisely guide you towards your unique life path. A path where you won't be looking for answers outside of yourself anymore. A path where you won't feel lost anymore. A path where your soul will finally remember it's purpose. A path where you will  become who you were really meant to be.

With the help of powerful teachings from Kundalini yoga plus personalized mantras you will be able to increase your intuition.


You will be able to tap into the higher consciousness, your inner master, your guru within.

Our practice will help you to open up your heart chakra so you will have less fears in life, because fears come from your inability to think with your heart. Your heart is fearless, it only knows love. But it's your mind that is trying to protect you by always looking for danger. Your mind is preventing you form seeing new opportunities, from making a decision etc.


As a result you often don't follow your heart. And it is only your heart that can show you where the true treasure is. 

“My experience with Julia has been really powerful and effective. Julia has a natural ability to see beyond specific situations, which helped me during a very difficult time to  mobilize hidden pain into my full awareness, so it could get healed and transformed from a seed level creating a positive and harmonious experience in my life. She shares her learning experience and wisdom through a practical approach that inspires self-transformation and true fulfillment.

I love you Julia and I am deeply grateful for experiencing your loving presence in my life. I support and honor your path!”

Carolina Ruffo, NYC, Fashion Stylist 

If You Are Ready to Become the Light of Your Soul, 

Beautiful, Bountiful and Blessed


If You Are Ready to Take Your Life to The Next Level

and Achieve Great Results


If You Are Ready to Make Your Dreams Come True


If You Are Ready to Become Who You Were Really Meant to Be


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